Baobab amoureux

Located in the district of Morondava, 9 kilometres from the village of Mangily, the Baobab Amoureux keeps feeding the legend through decades.

Baobab, protected specie

The Baobab tree stands out for its amazing longevity. It can reach up to 30 meters high especially for the Andasonia Grandidieri variety. Indeed, some species can live beyond 800 or 1000 years. The Baobab Amoureux belongs to the Andansonia Fony variety that gathers the smallest baobab specimens. Although the baobab is one of the artisans favourite raw materials, due to its rugged bark, it is now a protected specie and should no longer be used in the manufacture of numerous handicrafts.

 Between Myth and Reality

In the southwest of Madagascar, in Morondava, the Baobab Amoureux captivates travellers with its slender branches and rare foliage pointing to the sky. This bottle-shaped tree belonging to the Andansonia Fony variety mesmerizes all tourists attending this natural spectacle of two intertwined trees as two inseparables lovers. According to some legends, this jewel of nature would bring luck to lovers strolling around the tree. Legend has it that lovers who have their first date down the satin-trunk colossus could not break up unless they return to the site.

Baobab Amoureux, a romantic break

For couple of lovers, going to the site of the Baobab Amoureux is an opportunity to build a very new love story or to renew wishes. Some tourists even carve some letters on the shiny walls of the colossus in memory of their stay. Visit of love baobab is often included in most tours in southwestern Madagascar. The site is located about 70 kilometres from the Bemaraha’s Tsingy, before the famous Avenue of the Baobab, and is close to the Soleil des Tsingy hotel.

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