Descent of Manambolo

All the way through the Tsingy, the river Manambolo runs alongside the park of Bemaraha. Canyons, banks and sand banks mark out the route of the circuit in dugout canoe.

A unique adventure across the Tsingy

The river Manambolo flows into the Indian Ocean, making its way through isolated cliffs and abrupt banks up to 80 meters high. Taking his spring at Tsiroanomandidy, on the West of Antananarivo, this stream runs along the village of Bekopaka and the national park of Bemaraha. The traditional dugout canoes transport the passengers wishing to be acquainted with wild nature. The excursion that lasts one hour and thirty minutes begins near the entrance of the Little Tsingy Park, which is just a few minutes from the hotel Soleil des Tsingy, takes the visitors to the « cave of the Swallows » and the « cave of the Glottis ». The descent of Manambolo comes out among the small circuits proposed before the jump in the Big Tsingy of

An amazing stroll in dugout canoe

The canoe will carry out you on the way to the caves where the river stretches to a width of 100 meters, running along the limestone formations covered with dry and wet vegetation. During this excursion in these natural rock shelters, the visitors will come across a great number of stalactites and of stalagmites. The « cave of the Swallows » shelters the immense root of a centenary tree whose trunk is located 30 meters above. As the legend goes, Vazimba ancestors have occupied the «cave of the Glottis».


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Hello, Un hôtel lové au coeur d’une végétation luxuriante. Nous avons passé des vacances inoubliables dans cet hôtel Le Soleil des Tsingy où tout a...

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