Lemurs living in the Bemaraha Park

Fifteen sorts of lemurs live in the Antsingy forest in the park of Bemaraha. Diurnal Sifaka and night-Tilitilivahy are the main varieties.

Unusual sorts of Lemurs

The lemurs that live in the national park of Bemaraha, near the hotel Soleil des Tsingy, adapt themselves to the seasonal fluctuations and to the scorching temperature characterizing the area. From the smallest to the biggest, every species of lemur present a particular color and face. Among the most unusual, the Cheirogalus midius – called Kelilbohoho in Malagasy – amaze by its extraordinary size. The night-Microcebus murinus is one of the smallest lemur listed in the park. The Cheirogalus midius is often compared with a small mouse.

Local endemic lemurs

Avahi cleesei – belonging to the family of Indriidae – is an endemic lemur of the site. Full species since 2005, this primate holds its scientific name of that of the actor John Cleese, a big nature lover. This man made lemurs known about the whole world by dedicating them an unpublished document in 1998. Named Dadintsifaka – grandparent of the Sifaka – by the people living in the area, Avahi cleesei is smaller than the Sifaka. With big bright eyes, it also raises a grey-chestnut color.lumineux.

Regional endemic lemurs

Hapalemur occidentalis or Bekola – belonging to the family of Lemuridae – appears under three different colors. Endemic of the west and northwest region, until Sambirano, this lemur has a brown coat with a grey line on the neck,. Also known as, “lemur bamboo”, the Hapalemur occidentalis does not exceed 66 centimeters long for a weight lower than 1 kilo. He lives in colony in the rainforest following the river Tsiribihina and in the gorges of Manambolo. Some species still live in the northwest of Madagascar, particularly in the forest of the peninsula of Ampasindava and in the forest of the peninsula of Ampasindava and Analamerana.


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