Paintings by Malagasy artist

Zach Edith, the Soleil des Tsingy hotel’s interior designer, draws his inspiration from all his trips. This great painter uses natural materials to create beautiful sculptures for more than 20 years. The artist leaves his mark at this hotel located near the Tsingy of Bemaraha’s national park.


Zach Edith lives in Antananarivo but never hesitates to travel to share his passion for art and painting. During the Expo 2000 that was held in Hanover, he was appointed as the Malagasy stand official decorator. He was nominated at the 4th Francophone Games Canada hosted in 2001. All the hotel’s 55 square meters17 bungalows and common spaces decoration come out of his genius. These precious woods-framed paintings represent Madagascar as an authentic island and its beautiful landscapes, ochre lands and sunset. Light, dark brown and brown orange, the dominant colors of these works of art, go perfectly with the bungalows decoration.

Zach Edith had chosen to use jute fabric, a rough and woven textile, to decorate the hotel. By choosing this material, the Malagasy artist wanted to show his fans that life is not always so easy. To succeed in real life, everybody must persevere. Otherwise, he depicts his homeland in many ways and uses the typical Malagasy woman as his muse for most of his works. Now, he is an internationally renowned artist. Zach Edith has an art gallery in Antananarivo and works with other Malagasy and foreign artists.

A lovely kitchen garden

Like the decoration inside the rooms and the restaurant, the aspect of the garden of the Soleil des Tsingy Hotel is special. A kitchen garden has been arranged in an area of 500 m². The chief picks organic vegetables, fruits and aromatic plants in this kitchen garden to cook delicious meals in the restaurant of the hotel.

For the pleasure of the eyes, tomatoes, salads and other local vegetables decorate the kitchen garden of the Soleil des Tsingy Hotel.


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Hello, Un hôtel lové au coeur d’une végétation luxuriante. Nous avons passé des vacances inoubliables dans cet hôtel Le Soleil des Tsingy où tout a...

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