Luxury tourism hold out despite the crisis

Statistics from the Ministry of Tourism show that tourist numbers has decreased by more than 20 % in 2013. However, revenues from the sector are increasing.

Two contradictory situations

Tourist arrivals in 2013 decreased by 22, 31 per cent: 196 375 travellers compared with 255 942 in 2012. However, tourist revenues amounted to Ar 861, 63 billions compared with Ar 614,18 billions of the previous year. According to Eric Koller, the Chairman of the Board of Madagascar National Tourist Office, it is due to the luxury tourism, which is putting up some resistance despite the current crisis that the sector is now facing. He also explained that the 2013 tourist season was rather good for most of the luxury hotels established on the Island. Some other stakeholders in tourism think that it is due to the Swiss tourism market growth. In fact, Swiss tourists have a high purchasing power. In addition, the Italian market occupies a vital and growing position in Malagasy tourism. Most of the travellers from this country enjoy luxury tourism.

A market to tap into

The Ministry of Tourism most recent report reveals that more than 15 per cent of tourism arrivals are from Italia. Italians tourists actually spend 1000 euros more than the French ones for a two week stay. They also are the most demanding in terms of hotel and transport comfort and food quality. With regard on the Swiss market, the number of visitors has increased from 1.43% per cent 2012 to 1.63 percent in 2013. We need to develop that huge market in order to motivate foreign investors and hotels chains. Travellers stayed for a period of 23 days in Madagascar in 2013 compared with 21 days for the years 2009 to 2012.

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